At Honest Overhead Door, LLC we strive to be a resource for the community. We hire top professionals that are trained and certified in the latest garage door repair and installation techniques. We never hire independent contractors. Every technician you meet is an Honest Overhead Door, LLC employee that has gone through a rigorous training program. Serving your home or business is a privilege and we don’t take that for granted. We consider it an honor to be your local source for all your garage door needs in New Caney, The Woodlands, TX and surrounding communities. Below are a handful of our most frequent FAQ’s. If you are having a garage door issue or looking to replace your current garage door don’t hesitate to give us a call at (832) 988-6541. We look forward to being your preferred garage door repair and garage door installation company.

Should I lubricate my garage door?
Yes every 6 months you should spray lubricant on all of the garage door rollers and hinges as well as the torsion spring.
A penetrating rust preventive lubricant is ideal for garage doors, this will not only help prolong the life of your door but it will also quiet your door down.
Are the batteries good and charged? if so you may have lost connection with your garage door opener.
Depending on the model and year of garage door you have most manufacturers will have panels available.
This could be caused by many things you may have a broken torsion spring or your door may not be balanced properly there are many factors as to why a garage door won’t go up.
Do I need a garage door torsion spring?
Make sure your garage door opener trolley is engaged, if it is you may have a broken torsion spring.
12 in of Headroom is required for your garage door torsion spring and 6in of side space on the left and right sides of your garage door.
If you have a standard single car garage door you can use a 207x2x22. If you have a standard double car garage door you can use a 250x2x35.
This could mean that either your photo eyes are obstructed or no longer functioning properly. There could also be a limit switch that has gone bad.